Getting Married!

PAYE Refunds

Everyone should look into their tax record with Revenue and claim back tax that has been overpaid for the last four years. You should also ensure you claim your full entitlements for future years. It’s your money so make sure you get it back, 3 out of 4 people get a refund!

Benefits of Marriage

Refunds are normally due where a couple are taxed at different rates and one spouse could benefit from the unused tax credits of the other spouse.

The joint assessment option is usually the most favourable basis of assessment for a married couple or civil partners. Under this option, the tax credits and standard rate cut-off point can be allocated between spouses to suit their own circumstances.

During your marriage, circumstance may change for a couple, even if it is just for a couple of weeks or months in terms of what they earn or a missed weeks employment inbetween jobs.

This is where we can help you, to make sure you are not missing out on your tax refund due from Revenue.

Tax Pie - getting you, your tax back.

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